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Hooray! I'm helping!

7 January
I keep this blog because I can't meet talk to other people by writing in a diary.

I studied art history, I read books with a philosophical bent, I treat my cat like royalty, I love my slippers, I sing on my own, I collect postcards, I argue semantics, and I wrinkle my nose when I don't understand.
abstract expressionism, andy goldsworthy, angela lansbury, anglicans, animal crossing, apples, architecture, art, auf der maur, barenaked ladies, barnaby and troy, black books, bluetones, books, bright colours, britney spears, buffseeds, busted, captain hastings, cats, cereal, cheesy chips and beans, chibi robo, chippalatte, chocolate fudge cake, cider, coffee, columbo, cornelia parker, cosmic rough riders, dans mum, david hasselhoff, dead man walking, diagnosis murder, dick van dyke, donovan, dr cox, embrace, eugene krabs, faith, fashion, feeder, fruit tea, futurama, gary the snail, gaudi, green day, green things, he's belgian not french, house, hungry hippos, hyspace, ideas, jasper johns, jeremy paxman, jesse malin, jessica fletcher, jewellery, jigsaw puzzles, keane, kerplunk, lcd soundsystem, llama farmers, lowgold, mario party, mark rothko, maths, mcfly, midsomer murders, milton jones, muppets, murder mysteries, murder she wrote, muse, music, nemo, nintendo, nirvana, patrick starr, penguins, picasso, pixar, plankton, point and click adventures, poirot, police squad, popes, pretty 7" vinyl, ross king, ryan adams, satsumas, scrubs, sheryl crow, singstar, snow patrol, spongebob squarepants, squidward tentacles, stickers, susan sarandon, the autumns, the bible, the clash, the jayhawks, the killers, the penguin of death, the pig of happiness, the renaissance, the thrills, the x files, tidying, umberto eco, vodka, warcraft iii, wassailing, when brando got phat, william shatner, words, zelda